Marketing, Public Relations and Editorial Solutions
 for the Specialty Automotive Industry 
EMK Marketing is an expert resource in all facets of marketing, public relations and editorial development, delivering highly individualized promotional programs and editorial services to its growing client base.
Though founded in 2009, company head Ellen McKoy has 35 years experience in the specialty automotive industry, most recently in an executive capacity for nearly 16 years at SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Market Association.
A recognized marketing pro and award-winning journalist, McKoy is a frequent contributor to Trucking Times Magazine and other trade journals, and provides personalized, targeted marketing and public relations services that focus on clients' specific needs and goals.
During McKoy's SEMA career, she held several key managmement positions, including senior director of dealer relations, executive director of the ProPledge warranty assurance initiative, director of marketing and director of public relations. She was formerly editor of Auto Trim & Restyling News and later formed an earlier version of EMK Marketing, during which time she was associate editor of Trucking Times and contributing editor to Auto Trim & Restyling News and SEMA News.
EMK Marketing is dedicated to understanding clients' goals, exploring opportunities to fullfill these objectives and creating sound marketing and editorial strategies that respond to these goals. Our philosophy is to provide high-quality, cost-effective services--giving clients more bang for their bucks.

Many companies in the specialty auto products industry have limited in-house resources to achieve maximum visibility and maximize their marketing potential. 
That's where EMK Marketing comes into play. We offer a unique combination of 
industry knowledge and 
creative communication and marketing skills at affordable costs.